Elly Hogarth: Copywriter, Content Strategy & Accounts, #Disconventional Coffee Fiend

Your role at PC?

Copywriter, Content Strategy & Accounts. I write copy & content and make sure projects are executed perfectly.

Favorite Quote / Words of Advice?

“Be so good they can’t ignore you.” – Steve Martin.

If you weren’t working in advertising/marketing, what would you be doing?

Living off my savings in Don Det, Laos, writing a novel, and endlessly listening to true crime podcasts. Otherwise – there’s nothing else I would rather be doing than working in this industry – I simply love it.

The one book you would recommend to everybody?

I’ll tell you once I’ve written it.

Your New York Top 5…..

Well, I have to talk coffee! Here are five of the best places to get deliciously caffeinated…

Spreadhouse: my life source for the three years I lived in the Lower East Side
Reunion: my new life source now that I live in Brooklyn. The food is phenomenal as well, and well worth the inevitable wait for a table on the weekend.
Two Hands: this was where I converted from skim cappuccinos to almond-milk. They just do it so well.
Devocion: I buy their beans for my home-brewed coffee. They’re imported from Colombia. And they’re damn good.
Black Fox: these guys used to own a cafe around the corner from me in Melbourne. Their coffee, food, and decor instantly transports me home.

Why did you choose to have your photo taken here?

The is one big thing in my life that I am highly discerning about (read: I’m a snob) – and that’s coffee. I’m originally from Melbourne, Australia and the coffee scene there is huge. [Side note: Starbucks tried to launch in Aus but we are so damn particular about coffee that it failed – the only market in the world where this happened.]

But it’s not just about the coffee per se, it’s about the whole experience. Melbourne’s food scene is incredible as well (seriously, if you think NYC food is great, you definitely need to go to Melbourne), and it’s pretty typical back home to have a flavorful, inventive, relaxed brunch with amazing coffee.

Luckily, since moving to NYC there has been an explosion of Australian cafés that have channeled this vibe. Sweatshop gives a taste of this whole experience, and the fact that it’s a five minute walk from my apartment is a huge bonus. It’s the one vice I can’t give up from home.

Your preferred Social Media platform – why?

WhatsApp. And yes I will debate (and win!) with anyone who argues that it’s not social media. I use it to communicate with everyone – I love that it doesn’t matter where I am in the world, I can talk to my friends, family, or whoever I choose, in a group chat and in a simple format.

What led you to PC?

I’ve always been a lover of stories and creative writing, but when I left school I thought it best to pursue a “real” career, so I got myself a Bachelor of Commerce with a Major in Marketing. After heading down a few different paths in the marketing and fashion sphere, and having faced some significant health battles along the way, I realized I couldn’t ignore what truly fulfilled me: ideating, creative thinking, and, of course, writing. So along with much time, self-reflection, and exploration, I took a few courses, hustled my way into some freelance positions, and then landed at Prager Creative. I haven’t looked back.

Tell us something surprising about yourself….

As a toddler I spoke ‘Bahasa-glish’, a weird hybrid of English and Indonesian that developed when I was learning to talk, the result of having spent the first three years of my life in Indonesia with my Aussie expat family.

Where are you currently wanderlusting?

Ah, the whole world? There are so many places but if I had to narrow it down I would say Morocco, Tanzania, Costa Rica, India, Sri Lanka, and South Korea.

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