Progyny is a leading health tech company that combines service, science, technology, and data to provide smarter access to fertility benefits. They are the first company to provide an end-to-end proactive fertility solution for both large, self-insured employers and to informed consumers looking to increase their pregnancy success rate with reduced costs. Progyny’s full suite of services include educational support through mobile content portals, user-generated forums and groups, and a concierge service to assist with appointment booking, financing support, clinic information and more.

To help realize their mission of transforming the fertility marketplace, the Progyny team tasked Prager Creative with creating their mobile app. As a key cornerstone of their offering, the app was designed to allow members easy access to doctors, financing, clinical information, and to content that’s crucial for comprehensive family building. With best-functioning user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design, the app helped Progyny expand into the digital marketspace to realize their vision of being a leading solution for women’s health benefits.  Since launching the app, Progyny has raised a total of $99.5 million in funding over 10 rounds (as of November 2017).

“After working with a development company that simply could not bring our vision to life, we turned to Prager Creative. The in vitro fertilization patient journey is complex. Progyny Mobile helps simplify that process. Pulling all of the real time moving pieces together into a user-friendly environment that works on the individual level is an extremely challenging undertaking. Prager Creative was able to get us there. Our entire management team and Board of Investors could not have been happier with the app they helped us create.”

George Nassef
Chief Technology Officer