Alma Bank

As a community bank known for its highly personal service and proven financial expertise, Alma Bank is well-adept in helping clients achieve financial peace of mind. After Alma Bank introduced the inventive ‘Talk To Us’ positioning they wanted to be sure they were leveraging its meanging to its fullest potential. Prager Creative worked closely with the marketing team to translate this positioning into a broader vision, actively applying it across mediums, consumer touch points, and long-term marketing strategies.

Focusing on the one-to-one style messaging rooted in their new positioning, we enabled Alma Bank to find exciting new ways to connect with both business and personal banking customers. From renegotiating more effective media plans to launching new products and strengthening the digital experience, we were able to bring a lively, creative angle to ‘Talk To Us’.

This fresh outlook allowed the brand to consistently stand out and maintain a presence in consumers minds. And thanks to our robust digital approach, involving programmatic HTML display banner ads, :15 pre-roll video, dedicated landing pages, targeted Email, and organic and promoted LinkedIn posts, we achieved results that surpassed all expectations. With 15 million digital ad impressions, 18,412 clicks to website, and 7,900+ conversions generated to the home page and small business services page, it’s clear audiences were just as pleased with our efforts as we were.

“After working with multiple marketing and advertising agencies, we hired Prager Creative to evaluate and rethink our internal and public-facing marketing materials. Our entire organization couldn’t be happier with the results.”

Silvana Gjergji
AVP, Marketing Associate