ProCure Proton Therapy

ProCure is a state-of-the-art medical center that redefines the standards of cancer treatment. Offering proton therapy, the most advanced form of external beam radiation treatment, patients often experience no side effects and can maintain their day-to-day lives during treatment. The center has a distinctly warm and welcoming atmosphere, giving patients an even greater sense of reassurance in their fight against cancer.

The center was facing a unique challenge when they first engaged Prager Creative: despite its significant history of success, proton therapy was not well-recognized. Through extensive research and in-depth patient interviews, we found that newly-diagnosed cancer patients were often pushed toward more “traditional” treatments. Their referring physician usually urged surgery but failed to inform them about all treatment options available. Those treated with proton therapy had commonly taken the matter into their own hands, doing the research and making their own choice on what treatment was best for them.

Using this insight, we developed an approach that both educated the masses and empowered those with cancer to discover a treatment option that worked. Recognizing our purpose was to do far more than promote a brand, we distilled the complexities of advanced medical treatment, crystalized it into a voice that spoke to the mindset of cancer patients, and delivered it in a way that would cut-through. This culminated in a comprehensive campaign that extended to multiple executions across TV, radio, and digital channels, as well as a complete website overhaul. The result was a powerful brand platform that compelled the public to view cancer treatment with an entirely different outlook.

“Although we’d prefer to not have to treat anybody for cancer, the reality is, people need to be aware that there is a highly effective radiation treatment option with few side effects. Prager Creative really took it upon themselves to understand the intricacies of our challenge and approached it with thorough consideration. They are insightful, accommodating and dedicated. From our very first meeting, we knew Prager was the right fit for us which is why we chose to work with them and will continue to do so. It’s already proving to be a great partnership!”

Lisa Jones
Marketing Manager