Developed by specialty care global business, Genzyme, the Sepraspray Adhesion Barrier was an innovative medical device that was first of its kind. Designed to reduce post-surgical adhesions, which are often difficult to diagnose and treat, the device enables medical experts to precisely place a spray-on protective adhesive barrier exactly where it is needed. This medical apparatus was a serious game-changer, acting to prevent the severe complications that can develop from post-surgical adhesions, such as small bowel obstruction, female infertility, chronic pain, and even morbidity. It therefore required some serious game-changing advertising.

Defying the banality of medical and pharmaceutical advertising, the ‘Life After’ campaign focused on individuals enjoying healthy, active, and productive lives. With striking lifestyle-oriented imagery and copy, we were able to clearly demonstrate the device’s ability to stop long-term, adhesion-related consequences. By emphasizing the real benefits of what SepraSpray could provide – a lifetime of health and wellness – we were able to show how instrumental this medical device truly was to the surgical industry. Completed in conjunction with Big Arrow Group.